Imagine a glass that can change from opaque to transparent in the blink of an eye, giving you the power to control your privacy, light permeability and temperature with a simple touch!

Liquid Crystal Glass nanotechnology includes Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) products:

Dry Retrofit Smart Film retrofitted onto glass

Laminated Smart Glass laminated into glass

with specifications that allow glass to switch from opaque (OFF) to transparent (ON), for:

Privacy control | Temperature control | IR/UV reflection

LCG® nanotechnology

we bring any glass to life!


how it works

In power ON mode

unique particles or molecules align allowing light to pass through achieving transparency.

In power OFF mode

unique particles or molecules scatter blocking light achieving opacity.

PDLC products connect to a patented controller, changing transparency & opacity in just 3 milliseconds with significantly low voltage electrical supply.

full range

  • Lowest haze in the market (3.2%).

  • Lowest power consumption in the market (3W per sq meter).

  • The only PDLC film in the market with anti-scratch layer protection.

  • The only controller in the market allowing glass to be kept ON 24/7, preventing burnout & film failures.

  • Solar PDLC film blocks up to 55% of solar IR range and 99.9% of UV, reducing interior temperature by up to 15°C.

Key benefits

Key materials contributing to

LEED & WELL Certifications

industry applications




Hotels & Hospitality

Retail & Commercial

...and any space wannabe smartspace!

why specify

Smasrtspace offers long-term solutions that provide customers with technologically advanced and reliable “smarterials” for the creation of agile, sustainable & wellness-centric spaces!

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