We create smart, sustainable, wellness-centric spaces

Transforming spaces with smartspace

Explore our innovative range of smart materials and smart software solutions designed to create sustainable and wellness-centric spaces.
From smart glass films to intelligent software platforms, we offer cutting-edge technologies that enhance productivity, comfort, and efficiency

Smarterials for Sustainable Spaces

Discover our range of GAUZY LCG® smart glass films that can change their transparency in response to electric signals. Enhance your space with innovative materials that promote sustainability and wellness.

Smart Software for Efficient Space Management

Flanco smart software platform empowers users to control office space flow and landlords to efficiently manage their properties. Streamline operations, improve productivity, and create a seamless experience for tenants.

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To bring our vision into reality, we need the best partners out there.
We've joined hands with one of the best when it comes to smarterials and smartware to achieve sophisticated results.

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