Wood paneling

Bedroom’s thermal insulation improvement. Another objective was to cover the air conditioning unit without, though, compromising its function. The gradual increase of the panel’s distance from the wall allowed the initial position of the bed to remain unchanged, the integration of the air conditioner in the panel and the division of the wall’s immense surface into three horizontal smaller ones. Provision of hidden lighting in-between the three horizontal surfaces.
mdf teak veneer

We are a family business with an experience expanding over 50 years in the field of construction. Through time, our main domain of interest has been constructions made of wood and its by-products, focusing on a wide range of applications either for indoor or outdoor spaces.

From 1996 onwards, the focal point of our activities has been the architectural design of spaces, while at the same time the stage of construction always remains in our hands, which is our comparative advantage.

We create spaces and furniture whose shape and meticulous crafting mirrors the wishes and idiosyncrasy of their owner. We bring into fruition singular, original ideas according to the individual correlations and standards of the person using them.


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