The exhibition was based on Epaminondas Petralias’s personal archive, divided into 7 modules. The purpose of the design was to showcase the diverse character of the exhibits of every module (photographs, equipment, commemorative medals, etc), as well as to respect the style of the building that hosts the exhibition. The rectangular panels combined with low-level showcases were used in order to render the exhibits visible to the visitor. Lights were installed at a high level and on a vertical logic, enhancing, thus, the high ceiling. The colours bear connotations of the Olympic ideal and bring forward the exhibits through the black-and-white environment.
mdf, satin lacquer paint, glass, metal, fabric

We are a family business with an experience expanding over 50 years in the field of construction. Through time, our main domain of interest has been constructions made of wood and its by-products, focusing on a wide range of applications either for indoor or outdoor spaces.

From 1996 onwards, the focal point of our activities has been the architectural design of spaces, while at the same time the stage of construction always remains in our hands, which is our comparative advantage.

We create spaces and furniture whose shape and meticulous crafting mirrors the wishes and idiosyncrasy of their owner. We bring into fruition singular, original ideas according to the individual correlations and standards of the person using them.


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Koropi, Attica


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